Why we made CMNTY for you


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People often ask what we do, and what makes us different from other community software vendors out there. Of course we can show them our community platform… but we believe CMNTY is more than just software.  Watch this video to find out why we built CMNTY.


Made by CMNTY

Let’s face it….You are passionate about bringing people together online. Maybe you imagine connecting your customers with other customers, so they can exchange ideas and experiences. Or maybe you want to create a private social network of like-minded souls, to discuss subjects you love and learn from each other. Either way you imagine having a place for sharing stories, experiences, and the wildest of ideas…

What you need is an online community platform. A platform that can host discussions, spark creativity and inspire people. But sites like Facebook don’t allow the level of customization you need. And tools like WordPress, Wix or Squarespace don’t seem to be designed to inspire.

There is a system that enables you to launch an online community instantly. An intuitive community platform that doesn’t only help you connect & inspire people. It helps you understand what excites, motivates and concerns them, so you can give back and grow together.

That platform is Made by CMNTY.

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