Meet Martijn de Bie: CMNTY’s new organizational talent

Ever since we introduced the “Community Consultant Traineeship”, it has proven to be successful. That’s why we’d like to introduce our newest Community Consultant Trainee, Martijn de Bie.
Martijn de Bie

Organization Skills

Martijn is a real organizational talent. He has always been the go-to-guy when things needed to be organized. He can be characterized as someone who gets things done and makes sure that everything is arranged well. “These organizational skills come in handy for my job as a consultant,” says Martijn, “and I love to make sure clients’ wishes are not only heard, but addressed.”

Sports Man

Martijn is a real sports fan. While he participates in sports like tennis, soccer, and swimming, he also loves watching all sorts of sports as well. “I also strive to stay involved with sporting events. At the moment I’m a volunteer at Marathon Eindhoven, where I’m helping to organize the competition. This helps me develop organizational skills,” Martijn says with a smile, “which, of course, are useful as a CMNTY consultant.”


In the next couple of months Martijn will learn all the ins and outs of being a Community Consultant. although here at CMNTY, we already think he is doing wonderful work. Welcome to the team Martijn. Keep up the good work!

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