Adventures of CMNTY’s intern in the Big Apple!

meggy-blog-300x300.jpgMeet Meggy van den Heuvel, an International Business student from Heeswijk, a small village with only about 3000 inhabitants between Eindhoven and Den Bosch (the Netherlands). This small town girl is now ready for the big city, and her internship!

Meggy just started her internship at our New York office and will live and work in NYC for the coming 5 months. While Meggy is helping to make her mark on CMNTY, she is also sharing her adventures in the ‘Big Apple’ with you through her own community platform!

Follow her adventures!
Meggy will use the ‘Go-Meggy-Go‘ platform to introduce herself and to tell you about her thoughts on New York and her adventures in and around the city. Meggy is also very curious to hear your tips and suggestions on what she should do while living in New York. It can be as obvious as Empire State Building or Central Park, but Meggy will also be very happy to hear all about New York’s hidden pearls!

Share your advice!
Visit to wish her the best of luck with her internship, share advice on New York experiences that she shouldn’t miss out on, or just follow her adventures!

Thanks & Go CMNTY!