Q3 ’17 Review – Mobile Community, API & Security Updates

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If you already are a CMNTY customer, then you know that we update your community platform every 2 weeks. Our releases may include UI improvements, bug fixes but also completely new features. In this quarterly post, we’d like to summarize a few of the highlights of the past months. 

Mobile Community, API, and Zapier

Last quarter we continued our work on our Mobile Community and Integration capabilities.  For example, we improved the navigation of our mobile view on iOS devices, and through Zapier task automation you can now also trigger on member freezes and member sign-offs.

Zapier integration through our APIBut there’s a lot more our development team has been working on. Some really big releases are to come in Q4 of 2017 and/or Q1 of 2018. But for now, here is the full list of what has already been made available:

Full List of Features & Improvements in Q3 – 2017

  • Added possibility to merge profile information based on Token
  • Carousel design is improved to handle up to 25 items
  • Forums are now sorted with the most recent items on top in To-do overview
  • Improved scaling of Poll widget when placed outside the sidebar
  • Improved texts in To-Do widget
  • Increased the maximum amount of Carousel items from 10 to 25
  • Observers can now also see group labels in front end if the ‘View user groups’ permission is set to on
  • To-do list widget no longer shows Topics in closed Forums as unparticipated items
  • Tooltip in a Challenge can now be adjusted in Language Overrides
  • Improved Mobile View design for Landscape mode
  • Improved Mobile View profile page texts
  • Added ‘Add to Homescreen’ button to Mobile View
  • Breadcrumbs are now available in Mobile View for easier navigation
  • Points and Badges overview and history now available within API (Premium)
  • User sign off date is now available within API (Premium)
  • Added the ability to sort users and invites within API (Premium)
  • API is now able to filter users on status (Premium)
  • Added possibility to give Points through API (Premium)
  • Added missing parameters in API Documentation (Premium)
  • We’ve added ‘issuer’ column in User Management overview when Single Sign-On is active (Premium)
  • Added Custom Profile Field mapping to XML Metadata for Single Sign-On (Premium)
  • Added default settings for reCAPTCHA to use when activated
  • Cookie message is no longer blocked by ad blockers
  • Links included in posts now contain a nofollow attribute to discourage spammers and prevent search engine penalties
  • Limited the number of password resets to once per 24 hours
  • Improved message for filling in wrong ‘old password’ too many times, when changing password on profile page

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