Increase Reach With a Mobile Community Platform

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Mobile Trends

Because mobile web browsing is overtaking desktop usage, a mobile community platform is mandatory to keep people engaged. For an online community, better mobile experiences can now mean higher engagement, greater participation and an increased ability to connect with your members, no matter where they are.


CMNTY’s New Mobile Community Platform

Today, we are proud to announce that CMNTY Platform now comes with a completely responsive design mobile view. This means that when community members visit your community platform from their phone or tablet, they will see an optimized version.  This design is not just responsive to their device, it will also fit the dimensions of their screen perfectly. Create a community that is mobile device responsive, improving customer experience!

Mobile View Vs. Native App

If you are looking for a native iOS or Android mobile app, then that’s not something the online community software currently offers. However, for most applications, the mobile-optimized community version of the platform will be sufficient. For example, the mobile version looks the same way as you can brand the desktop version. You can even send people push notifications on their mobile device and track their location (with consent) all from within the mobile community platform.

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