Capturing In The Moment Customer Experiences With a Mobile Community Platform

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It goes without saying that brands should make sure all their digital communications work well and look great on mobile devices. The same goes for community platforms. But there’s another reason why mobile communities are so great. They allow you to capture in-the-moment insights.

Mobile Trends

As shown in the chart below, mobile web browsing has overtaking desktop usage. Nowadays, better mobile experiences mean higher engagement, greater participation and an increased ability to connect with your target audience.

Mobile community usage

A Mobile Community Platform

mobile community platform exampleCMNTY Platform was conceived in 2007, long before mobile browsing was popular. Still, from day one we made sure that the platform performs well on mobile devices. Our platform comes with a user interface that automatically adapts to your screen. This so called “responsive design” will automatically adapt to the size of your screen when opened in a mobile browser.

No App Download or Installation Required

Because our community platform is mobile responsive, your community members won’t have to download or install a separate app. They can seamlessly switch between their desktop and mobile devices and will have the same experience.

In The Moment Customer Experiences

Having a mobile friendly community platform means that it’s easy for your members to visit your community and participate while they are on the move. This is particularly useful if you are interested in capturing “in-the-moment” events. For example, let’s say your brand wants to know how your customers experience your newly designed store. Why not give them the assignment to visit your store? Have them make pictures or videos of what they like or dislike, and upload that to the community to discuss with other customers.

Location Tracking and Push Notifications

Other useful features of mobile community platforms are location tracking and the ability to send push notifications. With location tracking enabled on their mobile device, you can track a member’s location (with consent of course). This means that whenever a member posts to the platform, you can see where they were. Additionally, push notifications provide you with a tool to remind people of a certain assignment.

In Conclusion

A mobile optimized community platform provides you with a lot of advantages over more traditional platforms. If you want to experience how our community platform works on mobile, get started right now with a 14-day trial.

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