New Community Pricing Plans: Community Building For All!


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What “Online Community” Meant in 2007

We are nearing the end of 2016. Next year it will be 10 years since CMNTY launched its first online community. Back then this was a big deal. Let’s look at companies like Facebook and Youtube. Facebook was just 2 years young. Youtube, just 1 year. It was a new concept to simply bring people together online. Let alone bring or include customers and/or users together in dedicated public or private communities. The process of building an online community was long and complicated. It required technical knowledge, expensive servers, app feature, data integration, and a lot of time and patience. And because not many people were doing it, there was a lot of trial and error.

“Needing an online community is becoming as obvious as needing a website…”

Fast Forward to Today

Since those early days, CMNTY has launched over 1,000 communities for organizations. As small as local consulting firms and as big as national telecom providers. Needing an online community is becoming as obvious as needing a website. That’s why we want to make creating a community as easy as possible; economically, technically, or otherwise.
Pricing 2017

Introducing New Community Pricing Plans with 14-Day Trials

For that reason, we have introduced new community pricing plans. Giving every organization the opportunity to build a community service. For as little as 99 euro/dollars per month. We also give teams the opportunity to try our secure platform for 14 days with no commitment.

Creating a community has never been so easy. CMNTY Platform has been designed to support you at every step. From branding your community to starting your first discussion. Give it a spin and ask us any questions. And, let us help you grow your community along the way!

Happy community managing!

Maxim Schram
Founder & CEO
CMNTY Corporation