How An Online Community Can Help Your Organization Grow

One thing all organizations have in common is that they have a target audience. Whether you are selling products, services, or knowledge, understanding your target audience is the key to success. A target audience can consist of consumers and end-clients, but also suppliers, employees, other stakeholders or a mixed segment. No matter what type of audience you’re targeting, an online community can help you to get in touch, stay in touch, and learn from them.

Employee Community

Example 1: Employee community

Firstly, if you are managing a team or larger organization, it can be hard to keep everybody on the same page. An employee community platform can help team members stay connected and engaged. Set up challenges to generate ideas or ask your team members to maintain progress journals about their projects and tasks. Or you can enable them to share a personal blog with their colleagues. In conclusion, an online community platform provides you with myriad possibilities to facilitate idea exchange, foster online discussions, and generate feedback.

Customer Community

Example 2: Customer community

Secondly, an online customer community will give you the tools to better understand their values and habits. Examples range from gathering direct responses and understanding preferences with surveys and polls. To gathering web usability data with product pre-tests. But you can also use the community as an extension to your customer service desk and integrate it with existing tools.

Insights Community

Example 3: Insights community

Thirdly, also known as a Market Research Online Community, the Insights Community is an online platform used to collect qualitative and quantitative data. Since panelists in your platform can supply you with real-time, actionable insights. And using CMNTYs integrated Gamification Engine, a robust, automated incentive system will help encourage participation and engagement.

Private Social Network

Example 4: Private Social Network

Fourthly, even individual industries, movements, or ideas could benefit from an online community! Exchange ideas and collaborate with other people or organizations with similar interests by creating a social network. Communities that come together to talk about certain subjects. Perhaps, they come the closest to fitting into the definition of an online “community”. Keep each other posted on changes, trends, and developments within your movement. Exchange ideas, ask for advice or discuss industry news. Broaden your network, gain momentum, and bring people together to have a greater impact!

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