Introducing The Partner Plan: The Ultimate Online Community Solution for Insights Professionals

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At CMNTY, we understand that some situations call for maximum flexibility without compromises. Our Partner Plan is designed for agencies and insights professionals that run project-based communities. The Partner Plan (previously called CMNTY Cloud) gives you a flexible workspace and several tools to deploy communities easy and fast while powered by the same features as each of our existing plans, depending on what your needs are.

In Control Via The Platform Dashboard

With our Partner Plan you will have access to one central dashboard to create, duplicate, pause and activate platforms. You will be in full control of when platforms are accessible and which software version they run. You can even use existing platforms as a template for new community platforms.

Day-by-day Pricing

With the Partner Plan, you pay a fixed price per day for active platforms only. Because you can activate or pause platforms on a day-to-day basis, you will stay in control of costs at all times. Here are 2 examples of how that works:

In Example 1 you pay 64 x the price per day. In Example 2 you only pay 44 x the price per day. The price per day will depend on the features you need and we offer 3 feature tiers.

3 Editions

The Partner Plan is available in 3 editions; Professional, Professional Growth and Premium. Choosing a certain edition gives you access to a certain feature set for every platform you create. The editions follow the functionality of the standalone plans with the same name.

Who Else Is Using The Partner Plan?

Our Partner Plan is used by agencies that need to run shorter communities on a regular basis or want to combine on-going platforms with pop-up projects. Take a look at the cases by Ipsos, Blauw Research, and Engine.

Interested In The Partner Plan?

Reach out to our team at for a full list of features and pricing details.