Phonebloks and CMNTY launch Phonebloks Community

Today we have some exciting news! Together with our friends at Phonebloks we launched a PhonebloksĀ community of enthusiasts of the concept.

phonebloks community

What is Phonebloks?

In case you haven’t heard of the concept, Phonebloks is a modular smartphone concept created by Dutch designer Dave Hakkens to reduce electronic waste. While Phonebloks is not the first attempt at modular design in a phone, it is notable due to the extent of its modularity and the attention and support it has garnered. By attaching individual third-party components (called “bloks”) to a main board, a user would create a personalized smartphone. Phonebloks will replace these bloks at will if they break or the user wishes to upgrade. Watch the video.


About the community

Together with the input of the online community, Phonebloks want to develop the first prototype of this modular phone, by sharing the process online and using the feedback of consumers during the development. Phonebloks is also teaming up with Motorala, to bring the prototype to life as soon as possible.


Visit the community and participate with your ideas!