CMNTY congratulates “Mr. Phonebloks” for Design Award

CMNTY Corporation congratulates:

“Mr. Phonebloks” winning the Design Award!

Phonebloks Community

Last night Dave Hakkens won the renowned Young Designer Award for his project.

With the Young Designer Award, the international jury, chaired by Atzo Nicolai (DSM) rewards
B0QX5F5CAAAeoUm-225x300.jpgHakkens for his design qualities, but also for his commitment:

“With his open source approach and clever use of social media, he succeeds in sharing knowledge and mobilizing a huge group of people to put pressure on large producers and make them think about modular systems.”

At CMNTY we’ve been supporters of Dave’s project since the early days by providing the community infrastructure. Visit Phonebloks┬ácommunity page.

Well done Dave!!!