CMNTY Platform Update: New Feature Highlights!

If you are a CMNTY customer, you know that we update your community platform every 2 weeks. Releases may include UI improvements, bugfixes but also completely new functionality. In this post we’d like to summarize a few of the highlights of what we released last quarter. Which new platform feature is your favorite?

Advanced Settings for the Mobile View

Firstly, from the Regular plan and higher, you will have a few extra design options available. Now not only in the Desktop View, but also in the Mobile View, you will be able to change background images, fonts, button design, and more.

New Star Rating & New Widgets in the Challenge ModuleNew Star Rating & Widgets in Challenge Module

Secondly, our Challenge module is now improved in several areas. You can now add categories that allow members to categorize their ideas. It is now possible to rate both Challenges and Ideas with a 5 star rating. Additionally, two new widgets have been introduced: “Newest challenge Ideas” and “Related Challenge Ideas”.

Ability to Add a Featured Image To Poll WidgetAdd Featured Images To Poll Widget

Thirdly, it is now possible to spice up the design of your poll widget by adding a featured image. This will help drawing attention to your poll and increases the chance people interact with it.

SAML-based Single Sign-onSingle Sign-On (SSO) using SAML

Lastly, if you already have a website or webshop that allows your customers to sign-in, you can now give them access to your community without having to create another account. Read more in our support article about Single Sign-on please.


Full List of Changes in Q1 – 2017

NEW Features
  • Two-factor Authentication included in Security section (Premium plan)
  • Added Advanced design settings to Platform Template (Regular plan)
  • Added ‘not participated in’ Dynamic User Groups triggers for Questionnaire and Challenge ideas (Plus plan)
  • Implemented Badge leader board widget in Mobile View
  • Push Notifications will now also work in Opera browser
  • Liking Forum Topics and Comments
  • Adding attachments to Questionnaire Questions
  • More options available in Forum Topic text editor
  • Added permission to show who liked a Challenge, Challenge Idea, Forum Topic or Forum Post
  • Add a category to Challenge Ideas now
  • Add ability to rate Challenge Ideas
  • New Challenge widget available: Newest challenge ideas
  • It is now possible to add images to Poll
  • More HTML attributes to use in CMNTY Platform
  • Advanced Mobile design settings (Regular plan)
  • Members can select a date when adding a Journal Entry
  • Member history pages for Mobile View
  • Points history pages for Mobile View
  • Added Page Configuration options for Mobile View
  • Community Managers can now add an image within the text of a Forum Topic
  • Added possibility to change the footer color in Advanced Design Template (Regular plan)
  • ‘Subscribed to newsletter’ is now a trigger for Dynamic User Groups
  • Added advanced design settings to Mobile Template
  • Added permissions for Blog, Journal and Stepboard
  • Design for Admin menu in Mobile view
  • Login for open Platform in Mobile view is now available
  • .txt files are now included in allowed file types for uploads
  • Stepboard Overview widget, Recent Badges widget and User Statistics widget are now available in Mobile View
  • Design change for Challenge likes
  • Improved design of Questionnaire Analysis page
  • Improved order of items on Platform Details Admin page
  • Added possibility to use iframes in Custom Elements (Plus plan)
  • Icon upload options, in this update, move to design templates
  • Improved maximum width of the logo on login page
  • Statistics on profile pages also show ‘Remaining points’
  • Community Manager based roles, with visibility turned ‘off’ are now visible for other Community Managers
  • Show Platform name When you Add Platform to the homescreen of a mobile device.
  • If you add a URL to a Profile Field, it now becomes an active link
  • Viewing your Badge information in front-end, the date is now shown in the selected date format
There’s even more!
  • No header image to show in emails, when no header image is added in Email Template
  • Links in Challenge Ideas shown correctly in the Challenge Idea overview
  • Design of the Badge Leaderboard widget
  • Improved design of Social Sharing and Social Login buttons
  • Design of flash messages and notifications in front-end
  • ‘Switch back’ button in login as function is now also available in Admin Section
  • Added ability to search in the ‘Items’ dropdown in Export
  • Added filter for ‘left’ and ‘activation pending’ users within User Groups
  • It is now possible to import value 0 as an answer option to a Profile Field
  • ‘None’ option is removed on Two-factor Authentication set up page, when Two-factor Authentication is required
  • Created more room for text in comment fields in Mobile View
  • Maximum number of invites per page in Manage section is now 250
  • It is now possible to align videos in the text editor
  • Points Remaining stats on User Profile and User Statistics widget removed when Webshop is deactivated
  • Added ability to search and sort on Username, First name and Email address on the User Management page
  • Limit of invites is now more clear in ‘Add Invite’ form