Professional Development Platforms: 5 Big Facts That You Need to Know

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Of all the types of community platform, professional development platforms are among the least familiar on the market. Here are 5 facts everyone should know about these incredible tools.

Professional development platforms are essentially a type of social media platform specifically designed to share training materials and modules with your team. The workshops of the past are gone. Here is what you need to know about the latest process in enhancing your team.

1. They Are Quickly Replacing the Traditional Learning Management Systems

This is the primary reason why we work on professional development platforms. Can you imagine yourself making online learning catchy, interesting, and easy? By empowering your staff with the ability to swap tips, exchange experiences, and form an online community, you give your organisation an ever-growing learning centre.. Just as an issue appears, your online learning think-tank figures out the best method of dealing with it.

Traditional learning management systems are slowly giving way to professional learning platforms, and it completely makes sense. The former have been rendered obsolete. To be frank, professional development platforms ought to have happened in our time. We live in such a society that enabling your employees to access knowledge, mentor, and coach themselves. This is through an online platform making the next logical step forward.

And we have made it.

To commission a place where trainers and trainees connect with each other. On both educational and social levels means to create a professional learning environment that is both highly effective and fun to use! The need for certain skills rises and falls while the business adapts to the market from time to time. This is not a problem for professional development platforms – each skill from each employee is available to everyone. This allows the stream of ideas, technology, and tools to go unhindered for as long as the continual process of learning exists. Professional development means giving your team the freedom to carve their own path by providing an environment that is both supportive and engaging, but not enforcing in any way.

Now go back to trial and error. Or paper, pen, and instructor.

Seems a bit old, right?

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2. They Provide Higher Engagement

Encourage through online social interaction.

Businesses have been using social media and social networking for marketing purposes since they emerged. If you own a business, you can hardly ignore social media. It’s today’s reality. But social media has evolved. The result of such an evolution? Why, professional development platforms, of course. They incorporate so much from the classical notion of social media into a healthy business environment. They have brand-new monitoring software tools that skim through social media and retrieve discussions, inquiries, and mentions, and incorporate them into your development platform core. You will gain a boost in engagement as all this interlinked data and social interaction point back to the source – your development platform, and your business.

Neat, useful, engaging. A perfect combination!

Reward members for achievements using gamification.

When it comes to social networking, gamification represents an incentivizing method of engaging your fellow community members. Is there anyone who doesn’t like their efforts to be rewarded, especially if they contribute to something they are a part of?

Happy professional through gamification red box gift

We think not.

And the research has shown it as well. Even mentioning successful, shining examples of good deeds works wonders in any community, and digital ones are no exception. Giving an honorary title or a badge does not cost you anything, but it does give someone a feeling of importance and recognition, ultimately inspiring deeper support.  Add in a reward or gift that has value outside of your community, like gift cards or coupons on your goods/services, and you have established incentives that massively boost your engagements!

Let the gamification begin!

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Development platforms can also auto-notify teams when new courses are available or when there’s feedback on some important business phases. Notifications increase engagement while also providing a system of reminders and notification that enhances business experience of your team members. This strengthens the feeling of community, as your team can always feel connected.

3. They Allow You to Stay in Control

Notify trainers and trainees about unread posts or overdue training material.

We are all humans – a certain margin of mistake has to exist, especially when it comes to training your staff. But what you can do is minimize the number of tasks that are susceptible to error. Automated notifications, reports, and checks on the progress of training completion allow you to monitor and control the process of training, while not being obtrusive enough to hinder its progress.

Utilize permissions to provide the right content to the right people.

Although professional development platforms work as a forum for equal members to help each other and communicate for a unified purpose, you are the one who’s in control of the whole system. Making sure that the right content is delivered to the right people is imperative in the working hierarchy of your business. It ensures that no one gets overwhelmed with unnecessary info or lacks critical material.

Use dynamic user groups to unlock new challenges to high achievers.

We’ve already mentioned gamification in a broad sense, but incentivizing individual groups and teams according to their skill, or the department they work in can majorly increase their productivity. For example, why not allow high achievers to unlock challenges that bring a certain reward when completed? It is a clear perform-more-get-more transaction that can be beneficial to all sides: business, community, and staff!

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4. They Make You More Efficient

Reduce time spent on (re)creating training sessions.

Automation and formalization are everything in contemporary business, and development platforms are not an exceptionMaybe you think you can perform better if you approach everything personally, a single trainee at a time. This only works if you have three trainees, and if you have time (thus money) to throw away.

Do More With Less Circled by Red Pencil

Most professionals don’t.

Professional development platforms rely on templates (which you can modify, of course) that greatly cut the time required to create training sessions. Additionally, the process is centered more on the platform users themselves, tapping into the experience your collective has already gathered. Also, professional development platforms are available anywhere, anytime – on the go, at home, at the office… In short, less time loss and more efficiency gain, with the ratio increasing with the number of trainees. Bingo!

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5. They Give You More Insights

The last fact is actually a general benefit for all community platforms – valuable insights. We’ve already talked so much about it, but you can’t have enough insights, since they are so crucial to any viable business strategy today. With professional development platforms, there are three awesome benefits regarding insights on your employees:

  • Get instant high quality and actionable feedback from your team.
  • Access real-time data on member activity and achievements.
  • Collect valuable info about over and under performing teams.

The combined data of these doesn’t provide much on itself, but what you do with this info is what matters the most to your business. Why stay in the dark and let your business be run by chance? Make proper decisions, and you’ll see all other aspects improved: engagement, control, and efficiency. Speaking of decisions, why not decide to try professional development platforms?

Your employee community will never be the same again.

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