Public Help Center: CMNTY Software Just Became Fully DIY


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The CMNTY Platform Q&A is moving to a public Help Center!

We have long been proud of our Q&A. An extensive question and answer database, fully integrated into the admin section of CMNTY Platform. Lately, however, we’ve been wondering why this information should only be available to community managers. We think that a lot of people can benefit from access to this information. So, to share the love. We have made all the help articles of our community software public in a Help Center.

You have questions, we still have answers!

The Help Center, like our old Q&A, includes information on everything there was to know about CMNTY Platform, complete with step-by-step guides for setup, tips on best practices, and insight into all of the powerful features that help you get more out of every moment with your community.

Like we’ve always said, if you have questions, then we have answers. We hope you find this helpful!

Happy Community Management!