Introducing René Schreurs: CMNTY’s new front-end developer!

Quite recently, the CMNTY team was joined by someone who is fully dedicated to the Front-end experience of our software. Meet our new Front-end Developer: René Schreurs.
René Schreurs

Since his teens, René has always had a passion for Graphic design, Websites and Apps. That’s why it came natural to him to seek an education as a Multimedia Developer at Fontys ICT & Media Design in Eindhoven, Netherlands where he graduated last year.

“Translating” designs

A Front-end Developer makes sure “flat” designs are translated into working websites or apps.  As René explains, “I find it rewarding to make prototypes come to life. And the best thing about being a Front-end Developer at CMNTY, is that there are so many different projects!”

Full of energy

Altough René can spend most of his energy on HTML, CSS and JS during office hours, he still has energy left. “Twice a week I need to lose more energy by playing soccer with my friends. If I don’t do that, I’ll probably bounce around all day.”

Welcome to the team René!