Introducing CMNTY Key for Secure Online Communities

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CMNTY Key Brings Hardened Security  To Your Online Community

Today we are introducing CMNTY Key, a new way to secure online communities. CMNTY Key is a hardware USB key to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your community. Whenever you use a username/password combination there is the risk of eavesdropping. Your password can fall into the wrong hands. With CMNTY Key, you eliminate the risk of unauthorized access.

Secure Online Communities With CMNTY Key

With CMNTY Key, it is only possible to access your community when you enter your username and password while you insert your key into your USB port. The key is personal and generates a unique hash that only traces back to your account. However, if you lose your key or it gets stolen, it’s not possible to login to your account without your username and password.

CMNTY Key is an ideal solution for companies that need to have more control over who enters the community. I.e. financial institutions and R&D departments.