Set Up & Learn CMNTY Platform Quickly With “Guided Setup”

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A Powerful Community Platform

CMNTY Platform is a powerful online community platform. Powerful in the sense that it allows you to configure it in hundreds of different ways, simply because there is a setting for almost anything. Whilst our power-users love this about the platform, if you are a first time user and want to learn CMNTY Platform, you might find it difficult to know where to start.

Introducing: Guided Setup

Over the past months we’ve had many interviews with new and long-term clients. One of the most heard areas of improvements: “[..] need help with setting up the platform” and “hard to find the [feature]”.  It is exactly for that reason we are introducing “Guided Setup”.

Your Most Important To-dos

Guided Setup is displayed as a “Dynamic Checklist” in the Admin section of the platform. A checklist with the most important to-dos that every community manager or moderator should know about when setting up CMNTY Platform.

At this moment, the checklist only lists the settings you absolutely need to touch to get started. In future we will extend the list tailored to specific uses cases. I.e. gamification strategy, customer community, insights community, private social network.

Give It a Try

For now we hope you enjoy the first release of “Guided Setup”. We are convinced it will save you a lot of time setting up your next community. Give it a try! And let us know what you think.