Spanish Community Platform Now Available at CMNTY

Product updates

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We are pleased to introduce CMNTY Platform Katya 2.4.5. This release contains lots of security improvements to meet our increased standards, but also a Spanish Community Platform Is Now Available at CMNTY!!

Here are the most important ones things you need to know:


CMNTY Platform
1. Spanish language

By popular demand, we’ve added the Spanish (European) language to our set of platform languages. So, this now brings the total number of supported languages to 10. Hombre!





CMNTY Platform
2. Updated WYSIWIG text editor

Secondly, redactor, our content editor, has been updated to include the latest web standards. Thus, now support the newest browsers!


CMNTY Platform
Preload drawing tool with image background

Thirdly, ideal for screener research, you can now preload the drawing tool with a background image in the Challenge and Journal module.




CMNTY Platform
4. Gamification update (deduct points)

Lastly, if you are using complex rewarding strategies in your community, you may run into situations where you want to be able to deduct points. This is now supported.



If you own a managed platform you can already enjoy the new version. Our CMNTY Cloud customers will find the update in CMNTY Control soon. Enjoy!

Curious about our pricing plans, we just introduced new ones: community building is available to all now!