Spotlight on Jennifer Adams of ORC International


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Meet Jennifer, a 10-year veteran of the MROC space. As SVP of communities for the global business intelligence firm, ORC International, Jennifer has been building, managing, analyzing, and pulling insights from online communities. Also, she provides real time connections with customers, employees and key prospects to drive growth and innovation. And so, powered by CMNTY Platform, ORC Communities offer scalable short and long-term communities that gather insights quickly and cost-effectively. They support both project-based and ongoing initiatives. Including white space analysis, idea generation, product development, concept and ad testing, and go-to-market planning.

“I can bring on non-techies and they can do almost everything without me.”

In her own words, Jennifer tells us, “What I’ve always loved about communities is the human aspect of them. It seems like the human condition, I think, to want to connect with others and to want to be heard. Human beings have been storytellers from the dawn of our existence and never has it been more important for brands to learn from their customers’ stories. In conclusion, communities enable this rich story-telling in a way that changes brands for the better. They make brands and companies better, more responsive, more innovative.”

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