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Product updates

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At CMNTY, we continued our efforts to improve our product based on your wishes and feedback. During the summer break, we made several improvements and launched new solutions to make your research life easier and get you insights faster.

Task Sequencing

Is your platform capable of sequencing tasks? We got this question quite often recently, which for us was an indication to review the opportunity. After discussing the challenge with our clients, we quickly noticed a wish to sequence tasks within a single module like the forum. However, we also received the request to do it cross-module. For instance, first, complete a questionnaire before moving on to a discussion.

Therefore we did a soft launch three months ago containing the ability to sequence tasks. After a careful review, we improved the overall sequencing, and are now ready to release it to the public.

With task sequencing, you can connect multiple tasks, which have to be completed by participants in the set order. For example; You first let participants complete a journal, after which they can fill in a questionnaire and continue the discussion with the group within the forum module. As a moderator, you have more control over the order of tasks within your study. Within their task list, participants can quickly see which tasks you prepared for them and see the upcoming tasks.

Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for a demo. Meanwhile, we are improving the participants’ flow, helping them navigate through the list of tasks—more on that in the following product update.

Export Upgrade

Throughout the last couple of months, we’ve been improving our exports by popular demand. We already updated our Forum, Challenge, Journal, and Blog export. Now we’ve also updated our Participants, Poll, and Questionnaire export and made some general improvements.

Participants Export

Instead of separate exports, we now have one single participant export. Within the participant export, you will find several sheets containing all information about your participants:

Questionnaire / Poll Export

  • Activity: Containing activity statistics, allowing you to quickly get an overview of how active your participants are.
  • Segmentation: Containing an overview of all your participants’ groups, allowing you to determine how you segmented your participants.
  • Points: Containing an overview of how points are distributed amongst your participants and how many points they still have left.
  • Badges: Containing an overview of all collected badges by participants.

Both the Questionnaire and Poll have been migrated to Excel, allowing you to export multiple questionnaires or polls to a single file. Additionally, we’ve improved the answer display per column, now indicating the actual answer given rather than displaying a mark.

General Improvements

You can now add segmentation to each content export. If you wonder how a particular segment of your participants replied within a discussion, you can export the discussion and filter based on a specific segment. Additionally, we’ve added some extra content information at the top of the export, making your export more content-rich.

Forum Word Cloud

Our forum module is one of the most popular modules, as it’s a great way to get responses from participants and allow you to keep the discussion going. As conversations grow, it also becomes more challenging to find the answers you are looking for. We often received the request to have the ability to create a word cloud out of a discussion.

That’s why as of now, we allow you to create word clouds out of entire discussions. Within the Pulse section, you can now generate a word cloud based on participants’ responses only. With the ability to filter words, change colors, and downloading the word cloud as an image, you can quickly summarise an entire discussion in a single image.

What’s Next?

We will keep on improving our exports and soon say goodbye to our legacy exports. Also, we will be enhancing our questionnaire as well as improving the task list for participants.

Available Now

By the time you read this, your platform has already been updated or is updated within a couple of days with these improvements. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to our team here.

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