Taking Your Customer Community To The Next Level


You're a community manager. Awesome. You maintain your customer forum well. Double awesome! In the last couple of years, you've developed an expertise in community management and your customers enjoy being part of the forum. Well done! Developing connections online and managing your community effectively is no small feat. If you are thinking about taking that customer community to the next level, this may be the perfect time to start considering making moves to grow your customer forum into a Customer Community Platform.

In addition to offering your customers a space for sharing their experiences and helping each other out, in a Community Platform you will also be able to offer your customers a space to express themselves qualitatively, contribute in creative ways, and become even more involved with your brand and their fellow community members. You will be able to both increase brand loyalty, and receive innovative insights and new ideas.

How you get there:
Forums are a great way to engage your communities in targeted discussions -- but there are so many more ways you can leverage the perspectives and ideas of your community members. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

thinkingIdea Generation
Your customers are the go-to-guys if you're looking for new ideas! You will get ideas from great 'out-of-the-box' thinkers, learn from product experts, generate more brand loyalty, and gain confidence in product releases (read full article here).

Speaking of gaining confidence in product releases, a pre-test is the perfect method to weigh pro's and cons or clearing doubts. Read the full article here to get inspiration about pre-testing methods.

Community Management
We're confident that you're a great community manager, but still we know that managing an online community can sometimes be difficult. We've created a list of Absolute Do's for community managers to help any community manager how to approach your online community. You'll find the full article here!