More Tools For Community Building with CMNTY Platform


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We have just released a new version of CMNTY Platform (4.8), and her name is Ivy! This development comes with many new features and tools for community building! We’ve highlighted a few below for you. We’re excited to say that community building just got a lot easier!

Custom role visibility

When you create custom peoples user roles based on a Community Manager. You are now able to decide whether you want the users with this role, to be visible in the Community Overview page. When the user visits your community. Just turn on or off the ‘Show on community overview page’ switch, when creating or editing the custom role. Custom roles will help you divide tasks between the different team members on your community management team.

Subscribe with only one click

Members can subscribe or unsubscribe from platform social activities like forum topics, blog posts, challenges, etc. And, decide if they want to receive notifications with just one simple click. Members will also be able to easily view what items they are subscribed to. A full envelope means they are subscribed and an open envelope means they aren’t.

Language options

For multi-language platforms, typically community managers would assign a default language to users when creating invites! Now, community managers will also have the option to decide whether or not a member is able to change their language upon registration.

That’s not all!

Apart from the improvements mentioned above we’ve also improved texts, design, and many other improvements. Want a full list? Check out the changelog on your platform, or get in touch with us!

If you want to read some tips we have for you, as a community builder. Read things we’ve learned about community building for businesses!