How to Understand Your Customers Journey

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You may remember that a couple of weeks ago we posted some tips for optimizing your customer journey using community platform. Today we’d like to talk about the second part of this — the analysis.

Making moves to improve your customer’s journey and experiences with your company/brand is a great start to grow your business. Understanding how to read all the signals that your customers may be giving you. Consequently, along the way, this will help speed you toward your goals.

Today we’ll tell you about how to analyze the data you generate in a community platform. In addition to being able to export your community data to analyze outside the platform. Within CMNTY, there are integrated tools that make analysis easy and interesting! You can find this collection of tools within CMNTY Story.

Qualitative Moderation and Analysis

CMNTY Story was built to help facilitate qualitative moderation and analysis. Thus, making it easy to pick out salient narratives from your community conversations. Use tags and labels to group related content and help you tell meaningful stories. No time to do this manually? No problem! Story lets you set automatic-labels to classify content for you.

Another great advantage of CMNTY Story is the built-in Emotion Engine. This powerful engine will automatically scan your content for emotion to speed up your ability to read through and categorize content. It also helps you understand where in the buying process your customer’s members are happy, frustrated, or where you are doing a great job!

See for yourself!

In conclusion, CMNTY Story is an extensive tool with many more features that can help you take your qualitative moderation and analysis to the next level, like innovative, robust searching. If you would like to learn more about what you can do with CMNTY Story, we’re happy to give you a personalized demo.