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From New Kid on the Block to Industry Standard

Nearly 10 years of development went into our core community software offering: CMNTY Platform. Renowned for its user friendly community software design and flexible shell, the platform empowers community managers all over the world. Who said beauty and brains couldn’t go together?

Built to inspire

To summarize, CMNTY Platform is an intuitive all-in-one solution for building online communities that inspire interaction among people that share an identity or interest. With its elegant design and countless ways to fuel inspiration, the platform amplifies your ability to connect with people and truly understand what excites, motivates, and concerns them.

A complete suite

Unlike legacy community software, CMNTY Platform comes with more than just forum and blog functionality. It comes with a fully featured built in questionnaire tool and co-creation challenges. Additionally, the platform offers: gamification, polling, social media integration, dynamic user groups and much more. By analyzing interactions and discussions in real-time. So, CMNTY Platform helps you create actionable, quantifiable insights that help you truly understand what excites, motivates, and concerns your members.

Introduction video

We’ve prepared a short introduction video that lays out the platform’s possibilities.

So, we got you exited to start?

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