Webinar Alert! – The power of insight communities

Insights webinar

Live Webinar:
Tuesday 12 May 2015. New York 10am / London 3pm / Amsterdam 4pm

Webinar Outline
With so many ways to use insight communities today, Alastair Macmillan (Director of CMNTY UK) will be conducting a webinar to look at the power of communities for the research industry. Join us for this 40 minute session which will include:

  • The use of online communities in the market research industry.
  • How to setup a research community using CMNTY platform.
  • Introduction to CMNTY Market online community store.
  • Q & A.

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Webinar Details
Alastair Macmillan has worked in the research industry for over 10 years and has spent the last 3 years specialising in online communities. Alastair will be looking into the different uses of insight communities from customer experience measurement through to innovation development and other interesting uses in sectors such as charity, automotive, public sector, financial services, politics and leisure.

A quick overview of the CMNTY Platform 3 administration tools will follow which will include the setting up of some data collection methods.

CMNTY Market allows researchers to build customised online communities, and offers complete control over which modules, widgets and analysis tools are required for a project.

Special Offer Included!
For attending this webinar we will provide you access to a demo community which will allow you to try the software yourself for free AND WE WILL OFFER YOU A 5% DISCOUNT ON YOUR FIRST ORDER THROUGH CMNTY MARKET!

Register now and see you on the 12th of May!

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