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Smart business decisions are made based on a mix of gut-feeling, facts, and figures. Whether you want to connect internal teams or reach out to partners or consumers, a community platform can give you the insights to drive your next decision.

  • Connect businesses, investors, vendors and consumers to get everyone on the same page.
  • Involve and inspire people with similar interests and passions to work together on big ideas.
  • Monitor trending topics and understand what events are important within your industry.
  • Grow your community and generate momentum. Take community-driven decisions with confidence.
  • CMNTY Platform… was clean, simple, and intuitive.

    Markus Eichel Lufthansa School of Business

    Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

    We were looking for an online platform that would be able to run alongside internal workshops that were being given at the Lufthansa School of Business. One of the primary goals of the platform was to have 500-800 employees collaborate and discuss topics that were covered in our live workshops.

    The flexibility made it really easy to react quickly based on the needs of our community.

    An Ideal Community Platform

    When we actually started looking into different software providers, we found that it was really important to have a responsive, mobile-ready platform. We wanted to make sure that our members would be able to access to the platform wherever they were.

    Members felt that their contributions were worthwhile.

    We knew that the platform was going to be used by ‘digital natives’ who were constantly on their phones as well as employees who didn’t necessarily use mobile devices on a daily basis. I have to say that everyone liked the CMNTY Platform from the start because it was clean, simple, and intuitive. Additionally, members felt that their contributions were worthwhile, and that, through the platform, they had access to get their ideas and opinions in front of top-management.

    A Major Value Add

    We have worked with other platforms before but they were big, massive, and, ultimately the lack of flexibility kept them from being able to fulfil our needs. With CMNTY Platform, I like that you can adjust it and customize it to your needs. The flexibility made it really easy to react quickly based on the needs of our community. This aspect of the platform really added to its value for us.

    My advice to others who are considering running an online community would be to make sure to keep the platform engaging, to use rich media like images and videos to keep your community members interested and excited, and to check in on how things are going every single day. If members don’t feel that you are reacting to their input they will not return to the platform.

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Because you need easy management tools and strong analytics, the admin section is packed with features to help you stay in control.

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