Communities for Customer Service Managers

Improve customer satisfaction levels and reduce support costs.

As a customer service manager you know that customer experience is vital to your business. Use online communities to learn what customers want and reduce support costs by letting customers help customers.

  • Connect customers to customers and enable them to share experiences and help each other. Reduce support costs.
  • Facilitate constant contact between brand enthusiasts and your customer service department.
  • Generate insights by deep diving the data using powerful qualitative analysis tools.
  • Take action on insights and increase customer satisfaction and customer retention.
  • Community research is… qualitative research with a quantitative twist.

    Femke Hendriks Community Manager

    Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative

    At Blauw Research, we do all kinds of research. Some of our projects are heavier on the qualitative and others are heavier on the quantitative, but we do it all. When we’re talking to clients and assessing their needs, we usually tell them that community research is somewhat of a hybrid quant/qual methodology… qualitative research with a quantitative twist.

    As a Community Manager and Researcher at Blauw, I take care of our community platforms from beginning to end. I will work with clients to create a strategy, set up the look and feel of our communities, recruit members, make sure member questions are all answered, try to make it fun for people to participate, and in the end I am also the one making reports and doing analysis.

    What I like most about working with communities is that you get to build relationships with your members.

    An Innovative Approach

    Recently, at Blauw Research we’ve been seeing an increase in the uptake of community research or MROC requests. We’ve been working with communities for the past 10 years and we’ve gotten to see that the technology just keeps getting more and more sophisticated. When we first came across CMNTY, we were looking for software that could help us, as researchers, ask questions in different ways and that could handle multi-media (picture/video uploading). We wanted tasks that could be both challenging and engaging so that people could feel invested in their contributions. At the same time, we wanted a platform that was intuitive enough for our community members to feel comfortable and at ease. The fact that CMNTY Platform had all of these was a big reason why we went with them.

    When I’m running community projects, I get to know much more about everyone and place their answers in context.

    Building Relationships

    What I like most about working with communities is that you get to build relationships with your members. When we do survey-only studies, for example, you never really get to know the people who are providing responses. When I’m running community projects, I personally know each and every member – what they value and how they live – so I can place their opinions in the right context.

    Communities also help us build relationships with our clients. In particular, with our ongoing communities, we use one community for several projects with the same client. At this point, not only do we know our community well, but we’re also able to help advise our client better because we know how their needs will fit into the context of a community. Many of these relationships feel more like partnerships now.

    Members Love Communities

    Once there was a woman in a community that needed to go to the hospital. She contacted one of the other members to ask if she could let everyone know that she couldn’t be active in the platform for a while. It was almost like letting your colleagues know you aren’t coming to work that day. I was really surprised, and I think it’s a proof for how invested members can get in a well-run community.

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