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Your employees are your most valuable assets. Offering team members a central online place to discuss what matters most is key in increasing employee retention and satisfaction levels.

  • Combine employee satisfaction surveys with forum discussions. 

  • Enable continuous contact with and between all business units.
  • Offer team members a central place to discuss what matters most to them. 

  • Take action on insights and create a better and healthier work environment.
  • There is no other platform that does analytics the way CMNTY does.

    Kerry Haworth Knowledge Manager

    Why CMNTY Platform?

    Well, we were looking for a solution with more bells and whistles than wordpress, ha! In all seriousness, the analytics were a big part of the decision. We looked at a lot of platforms and we discovered that there is no other platform that does analytics the way CMNTY does. I’m talking about quantitative to some extent, but mostly it’s the qualitative analytics, so critical to our work, that stand out.

    In particular, the way that CMNTY Story lets you synthesize what people tell you in the community and then feed it back to them was a big plus for us. Completing this loop so easily is such a sophisticated feature and we love it. Story helps us make sure that the members of a community know that they are heard and, more importantly, it helps them to see their collective work and decide on the implications for their subsequent actions. It does wonders for engagement.

    The CMNTY Experience

    My experience with CMNTY has been really good. CMNTY is growing and we’re growing as well, so of course there are times when we have to manage and plan so that we can grow together, but it’s an amazing platform and the core functionality is very impressive.

    It’s an amazing platform and the core functionality is very impressive.

    Insights Galore

    We have actually been able to make some significant changes to our social learning model based on data we access in the back end of the platform. For example, for a community of college faculty, we track student attrition (when and why students leave a teacher’s class). The faculty work on the CMNTY platform in small, coached groups and the platform lets me see which coached teams have the highest attrition rates and what the most cited reasons are. When I correlate these with how much time the coach spends online or how much time faculty team members spend online I can develop hypotheses about how online engagement affects student outcomes.

    Everyone agrees that practices are changing for the better based on the things we’re able to find with our CMNTY data. I can see that putting the right people, processes, and platform together is a really powerful means of developing insights and creating a solid foundation for change.

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