Communities for Market Researchers

Collect customer feedback quickly & generate actionable insights.

As a Market Researcher, you are the liaison between the business and the consumer. Community research makes it possible to combine qualitative & quantitative data like never before. Use a Community Platform to feed actionable insights right into the business.

  • Integrate qualitative and quantitative research. Surveys & journal studies go hand-in-hand. Slice, combine, segment, and report.
  • Innovation, ideation, and co-creation. Harness the power of numbers by crowdsourcing discovery and creative processes.
  • You’ve got a lot to juggle. Let our software automate grouping, content, and analysis.
  • Your qualitative insights and quantitative data will be ready when you need to report!
  • We can finally provide our clients with the most powerful and innovative research methods.

    Odette Vlek Senior Market Researcher,
    Communities Expert

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