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As a Market Researcher, you are the liaison between the business and the consumer. Community research makes it possible to combine qualitative & quantitative data like never before. Use a Community Platform to feed actionable insights right into the business.

  • Integrate qualitative and quantitative research. Surveys & journal studies go hand-in-hand. Slice, combine, segment, and report.
  • Innovation, ideation, and co-creation. Harness the power of numbers by crowdsourcing discovery and creative processes.
  • You’ve got a lot to juggle. Let our software automate grouping, content, and analysis.
  • Your qualitative insights and quantitative data will be ready when you need to report!
  • CMNTY Software allows us to provide our clients with the most powerful and innovative research solutions.

    Odette Vlek Senior Market Researcher,
    Communities Expert

    A Customer Community Solution

    Online communities are really great for charting customer journeys. In particular, if you are looking at customer journeys where unconscious or routine behavior plays a big role, you can get people to think and reflect on their own behavior, uncovering some very fascinating and deep insights.

    We find that the people we invite to be members (the customers) always appreciate having the opportunity to give feedback via the community. On the flip side, for the brands, having the chance to interact and gather insights quickly is always really appreciated as well because they can quickly gauge values and understand customer feelings. The open ended nature of communities also means that brands can get information they may not have initially set out to collect, but that ends up being really useful to them.

    We are happy to use CMNTY software to get the best results for our clients.

    To get the most out of your community, we think that it is really important to give members enough space to contribute. When we do this, we feel that we are able to capture truly user generated content. Of course there are times when conversations need to be moderated, but we always strive to do this in a way that allows the target group to express their true feelings and opinions.

    Quality Information

    I like that I still get surprised every time I run a community -- not only by content (what people say and how open they are) but also the quantity of information they share. Most of the time, members are really active right from the start. I think that when you invite people with some common background or interests, the conversations just come naturally.

    After one of our communities closed, someone created a Facebook group.

    After one of our communities closed, someone created a Facebook group so that members of the community group could continue to discuss and keep in touch. I was really shocked -- but happy!

    A Stand-Out Platform

    The thing that really stood out to us was that CMNTY Platform is a really high quality product. Not only did it have the functionality we were looking for, but we could tell that your team put a lot of thought into the tools -- they are really innovative. We know, from how varied and comprehensive the offering is, that CMNTY spends time looking closely at the market to build software that will help drive our research. Ultimately, we feel that by using CMNTY Platform, we provide the best, most innovative community solutions to our own clients.

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