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Understand customer perceptions by capturing in-the-moment experiences.

For you as Marketing & Sales manager knowing why means knowing how.
A customer community will offer you answers to questions you didn't even know you wanted to ask.

  • Enable customers to share in-the-moment experiences using forum discussions & online diaries.
  • Measure opinions by presenting unreleased products & ads to reduce the risk of a mismatch.
  • Generate insights by deep diving the data using powerful quant & qual analysis tools.
  • Take action on insights and increase customer satisfaction & retention levels.
  • We love having google translation built-in. It’s invaluable for quick, real-time analysis!

    Rolph Droste Insights Expert

    Advantages of Digital Research

    I think that online research is a really interesting approach to concept testing, especially when you are able to see visuals and apply searchable tags. You can really easily get fast insight into the pain points or the strengths of a concept. Depending on the needs of clients we may do both in-person and online studies and use them to build off each other, but we also have stand alone online communities.

    We also find that members really like participating. So far, after every community we’ve run, we have received a lot of emails asking, “Where can we enroll for Beautiful Lives to participate in more communities?” We think it’s really nice to hear that people enjoy them so much.

    Why CMNTY Platform?

    We choose to use CMNTY for many reasons. On the one hand, we like how nice it looks, visually, because we think that helps engage members. On top of that, when we saw what CMNTY Platform could do, the decision to make the change was a quick one. For bigger projects, and especially for international ones, we think it’s the way to go. We love having google translation built-in so that you can do research in different languages at the same time and quickly start your analysis. Things like that make a big difference for us.

    Built for Community Managers

    I only needed one training to learn the software -- that’s all. I remember that, during the training, I was so focused on making sure all my moderators were getting the information that I was worried I might miss something important. But once I saw the back end I saw how obvious it was to find what you were looking for and make the adjustments you needed.

    When we saw what CMNTY Platform could do, the decision to make the change was a quick one.

    In the rare occasion that I have a question, I also like that I can always contact CMNTY. We have a dedicated account manager, and I think it’s really convenient that we have one person who is always the same to reach out to because they immediately know who we are, what we’re trying to do, and what our concerns are.

    Multiple Languages Made Easy

    Well, it was very important to keep a tight, synchronized schedule with our moderators. We often started with an activity and then used that as a jumping-off point to dive into deeper discussions. We analyzed the real-time data we got to give feedback to each moderator so that separate conversations could all go in the same direction at the same time. It might seem like a lot, but with the right technology, which we had in CMNTY, we felt that it was actually quite easy to have success.

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