Communities for R&D Managers

Generate new ideas and fresh perspectives using the power of the crowd.

As an R&D Manager, you and your team face innovation challenges every day. Opening up the innovation process to a larger audience, either privately or publicly, can help you solve problems faster while creating followers for life.

  • Co-develop your product or service offering by gathering experts, fans, partners or anyone who deeply cares.
  • Reach your goals faster by harnessing the creativity of the crowd. Enable people to build on each others ideas.
  • Understand people’s opinions before going to market and optimize your offering while insights unfold.

  • Make community-driven decisions that lead to better products and services, lower costs and more sales.
  • CMNTY Platform is Google-esque, very simple and clean, and has all the right elements.

    Jennifer Adams Senior Vice President,

    Making connections

    What I’ve always loved about communities is the human aspect of them. It’s the human condition, I think, to want to connect with others and to want to be heard. Communities do that in terms of changing brands and products so that they can better serve their consumers. Even though it’s commercial at times, it’s highly benevolent since communities simply serve as a way to help people get what they want from the companies they use.

    Finding the right software

    When I started working at ORC, they had already spent over a year and a half trying to find a good online community solution. I began a global survey of our options, weighing pros and cons. When we found CMNTY, at first blush, I have to say that I really liked it. It was google-esque, very simple and clean, and had all the right elements – everything we needed – from a nuts and bolts perspective. I really liked the pricing structure as well. We are what they would call a cloud client, which means that our licensing is billed per-platform per-diem. Our costs only go up when our workload does, so it allows us to scale without penalizing ourselves.

    I can bring on non-techies and they can do almost everything without me.

    CMNTY Platform also makes it easy for me to focus on my communities. Some systems needed a full on coding team to do the programming and front end design for communities, and that was something we couldn’t afford and weren’t interested in engaging with. We wanted this to be easy. It had to be sustainable for our company setup.

    Highly Customizable

    While CMNTY lets us do all of the customization we want in terms of how our community looks and what it offers, the fact that I can bring on non-techies and they can do almost everything without me is allowing us to go into the marketplace with a totally unique proposition (our digital hives) and distinguish ourselves in the field.

    Our clients love the results

    We were actually told recently that a senior exec said that the data we got was the best research she had seen from their department ever. It wasn’t surprising, but it was really nice to hear. That’s why we like our hives. They bring everything to life. They make things sexier, they help bring energy, and they make your research more relevant. I’ve launched over 100 communities… and every single launch day, let me tell you, you’ve never seen researchers more excited!

Meet CMNTY Platform

Beautiful, Easy-to-Use Front-End.

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With its modular approach, 10+ interactive modules, and easy navigation, your community members will feel right at home.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Back-End.

- and pretty as well ;) -

Because you need easy management tools and strong analytics, the admin section is packed with features to help you stay in control.

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