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More Than a Community Platform

Have you ever experienced community software that was engaging, but wasn't helping you derive meaning from conversations? Have you ever conducted online market research, but missed a sense of community to validate your findings? So did we!

That's why we sat down with brand and insights professionals to re-invent community software. To help brands better understand customer needs, we've built a platform that allows customers to share the love for your brand, while giving you the tools to connect the dots and give back.

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Launch Without the Need For Rocket Science

Setup Fees Are a Thing of the Past.

Where other community providers don’t allow self-service, CMNTY offers a true DIY solution. Through our website, you can create a community platform with the click of a button. And the platform is easy enough to configure and manage on your own.

Still, we understand your time is valuable. That's why we offer several professional services like setup & configuration services, engagement strategy design, content moderation & analysis and platform design.

That said, we are sure you'll love spending as much of your time in the platform as your members will.

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Aesthetically Beautiful + Simple as Can Be

Because the Experience Matters.

CMNTY originates in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, the digital design capital of the world.

Because of this, we have a strong and talented UX team with a long track record when it comes to designing simple and elegant user experiences.

The platform is already beautiful out of the box, but comes with enough design customization tools for you to be distinctive and preserve your brand's identity.

Want something more bespoke? No problem. Let our team take care of the design for you.

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Cut Through The Noise

Use CMNTY Pulse to Know What Deserves Your Attention

Running a community can seem intimidating, even for the seasoned community manager at times.

Our technology can help you identify the most important content of the day.

Using CMNTY Pulse you can follow up on what's necessary right now. Bookmark other content for later and search through big chunks of content to find the needles in the haystack. Look at it as your community co-pilot!

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Give Back to Your Community

Use Gamification to Reward and Encourage Participation.

As you may have noticed, customers are much more sophisticated than a few years ago and actually want to have an impact on the brands they care for most.

That's why providing customers with engaging ways to interact with your brand, that can also provide you with greater insights, is a win-win for everyone.

And because everybody loves a little attention and recognition, we've integrated gamification mechanics throughout the entire platform that helps entertain people's extrinsic motivations.

Reward your members with points or badges, either manually or automatically, and use leaderboards to show who tops the charts this week. Giving back is rewarding!

Dynamic User Groups

Reach the Right People

Auto-Segment People Based on Content and Activity

Communities are dynamic and so is your audience. The longer people are part of your platform, the richer their user & activity profile will become. Using Dynamic User Groups you can automatically target content based on people's previous activity and the content they submit. Use this to create a lively environment people love to come back to.


Be Part of Something Big

Integrate Your Platform with the Tools You Already Love.

Most of the time, brand communities are part of a bigger business process, like a CRM system or an online store. So the last thing you want is your community to be an island. Rest assured; Through our REST-API and our partnership with Zapier, you'll have countless ways to connect your community with other tools that are just as important to your business. You'll never run out of options.

Privacy Protection

Protected and Certified

Privacy Protection and Controls for the 21st Century.

Your members might be sharing personal or sensitive information, and you will have to deal with local privacy laws. Because of that, CMNTY Platform is GDPR ready and has various technical controls for local privacy laws. You'll also be happy to know that our infrastructure and business processes are ISO 27001:2013 certified. Your and your member's data are in a good place.