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Inspire members to connect, share and interact

Allow members to discuss topics and share their opinion in a forum with a threaded structure.
Share information and news with your members. Categorize posts and allow members to post comments.
Facilitate online focus group discussions with real-time chats. Great for deep dives, event kickoffs, and Q&A.
Create contests and competitions to ideate and co-create with your members.
One-on-one discussions to gather insights that community members might not want to share in more public areas of the platform.
Our native surveying tool with multiple choice, open ended, matrices, grids, sliders, and dates with randomization, logic, and piping.
Add structure to your discussions and control member interaction with this step-based discussion board.
Interactive and informative widgets can be flexibly placed in your platform for member motivation and engagement.
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Data analysis

Derive meaning from content

Poll Analysis
Review responses to poll questions with instant analysis. Perfect for gaining quick insights.
Questionnaire Analysis
Review responses to questionnaires with analysis. Filter on users and groups, with PDF downloads available per question or whole questionnaire.
Export All Data All content is easily exportable to CSV format with filters for user groups, activity statistics, files, and engagement levels.
Community Insights Dashboard
See real-time statistics on members online, growth, engagement, time online, and demographics through a number of filterable graphs.
Content Tagging
Tag content with additional information for coding.
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Customize your platform's looks and behavior

Add Logo & Color Scheme
Match your platform's look & feel to your brand by adding your logo and brand color scheme.
Advanced Design Settings
Choose fonts, apply rounded corners to buttons and borders, select buttons sizes, upload background images and much more.
Multiple Languages
Support over 21 languages including: Arabic, Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish,Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.
Custom Style Sheets (CSS)
Your design team will love the fact they can modify stylesheets to create a pixel-perfect look & feel.
Custom Javascript
Add your own custom JavaScript for customized functionality.
Language Overrides
Customize any default text within the platform by replacing with your own content.
Custom Pages & Elements
Create additional pages and elements with desired content to improve experience.
Fully White-Labeled
Remove any mention of CMNTY throughout the platform.
Custom Domain Name
Utilize your own domain name to host your platform on.
SEO Optimization
Edit SEO titles and descriptions to improve your ranking in search engines.
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User management

Get the right content to the right people

Import Members
Invite members one-at-a-time, or in bulk using a CSV file.
Customize your invitations, see who has joined your community, and resend invites to those who haven't with a single click.
User Segmentation (User Groups)
Show different platform activities per user group. Create groups manually or dynamically.
Dynamic User Groups
Create user groups based on customizable triggers. Groups update automatically so your groups are always accurate.
Roles & Permissions
Member, observer or community manager. Assign a role to a user and assign permissions to roles.
Custom User Roles
Create custom roles based off an existing role and edit permissions for these custom roles.
Custom Profile Fields
Create profile fields for additional information to segment users into groups and know more about users.
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Member engagement

Keep people in the know. No matter where they are.

Newsletter System
Send rich HTML emails to all your community members, or to specific user groups.
Member Referral System
Allow member to invite others into the platform and see who success registered to the platform from a referral.
In-platform Notifications
Members will receive instant notifications within the platform about gamification achievements, replies and new content.
Email Notifications
Send automated email notifications to inform members on the latest content and activities in your community.
Browser Push Notifications
Send push notifications to mobile devices and browsers to inform members on the latest content and activities in your community.
Geo Location Tracking
Track a member's location when they post content and display it in the admin section.
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Reward participation and encourage interaction

Points system
Reward member activity with points and webshop items. Show off top-performers with leaderboards.
Badges system
Reward member activity with badges. Show off top-performers with leaderboards.
Show-off the members awarded the most points and badges with these widgets.
Manual Rewarding
Rewards points and badges to members manually within their profile.
Automated Rewarding
Set triggers to encourage the specific kinds of participation that will help your project the most. Connect via Zapier to give rewards not tied to actions in the platform.
Rewards shop
Allows members to redeem points earned within the platform to purchase rewards in the Webshop.
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Connect with the tools you already love

Social Login
Allow members to sign up and sign on with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google accounts.
Social Sharing
Allow members to share content and posts from your community straight to their social media pages.
Zapier Integration
With Zapier, you can easily integrate your community platform with apps such as Slack, Facebook Lead Ads, Shopify, Google Sheets, Google Docs & many more.
Google Translate Integration
Integrate Google Translate into your community platform to see instant translations of member generated content.
Google Analytics Integration
Integrate Google Analytics into your community platform to get page view and platform usage analytics data.
API Access
Our API allows access to CMNTY Platform data from your own systems and allows integrations with third party software.
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Take full control over privacy and security

Two-Factor Authentication
When this feature is activated, members who log in will receive a security code in their email inbox or mobile phone.
SAML-based Single Sign-on
If your members are already using a customer portal, you can set up a seamless login and registration experience using SAML 2.0.
Password Management
Guard against brute force attacks, create a password policy to ensure secure passwords, and set rules to govern user sessions.
Audit log
Every security related event that a member takes, is being tracked in an audit log. This may help your organization meet compliance rules.
Cookie Management
Show new members a customized message about the use of cookies on your platform.
Enable authentication system to ensure members are real before registering to the platform.
ISO 27001:2013 Compliance
Our information security management system was audited and certified to be compliant with ISO 27001 standards.
GDPR Compliance
CMNTY platform is fully GDPR compliant. We provide Data Processing Agreements, customizable privacy policies and data retention controls.
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Go enterprise with several server options

Private Server
Your platform can run on a private server as opposed to a shared server. This positively impact speed and may help your organization meet compliance rules.
On-premise Database Storage (option)
On-premise database storage allows you to store the data in your own data center instead of ours. This may help your organization meet compliance rules.
On-premise File Storage (option)
On-premise files storage allows you to store the files in your own data center instead of hours. This may help your organization meet compliance rules.
Choose IaaS/Cloud Provider
By default your platform runs on Amazon AWS. We provider options for Azure, Google and Alibaba as well.
Server Regions (option)
Host your platform in The United States, Canada, Europe or several other region in the world. This may positively impacts speed and may help your organization meet compliance rules.
Remote Database Access (option)
Access your platform's database directly for analytics or backups. This may help your organization meet compliance rules.
Uptime Guarantee
Our server infrastructure guarantees up to 99.9% uptime.
CMNTY makes daily or weekly backups of the platform depending on the SLA you choose.
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Need a hand? We are here to assist.

Customer Success Manager
One of our Customer Success Managers will periodically reachout to check how you are doing and if there's anything we can help you with.
Email/Chat Support
You can reach out to our team for help by email and live chat within the platform.
Phone Support
You can reach out to our team for help directly by phone.
Premium Support
With Premium support you will be assigned a dedicated support agent that knows your business and project goals and will be our company's familiar voice.
Platform Setup & Configuration
Our experienced team can help you set-up and configure your platform to match your project's needs.
Design Services
Our experienced team can help you design your platform to your project's needs.
Community Management
Our experienced team can help assist you with your community management or take care of community management entirely.
Strategy, Audits & Training Sessions
Our experienced team can help you strategize, post and moderate content in your platform and train your team during every stage of your community project.

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