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Community Software That Inspires Interaction

At CMNTY we’ve made it our mission to create software that is easy to use and looks amazing. And because it's so feature rich, it meets the demands of the most experienced community managers worldwide.

Customer Community Platform

Conversations about your brand are already taking place on social media. Why not give your customers a customized branded channel where you can be a part of these conversations? Host open forum discussions to improve services and invite brand enthusiasts to write a guest blog. Engaging customers online can give you vital business insights, increase customer loyalty and reduce support costs.

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Insights Community Platform

For marketing and research departments it’s key to know if overall customer satisfaction is still on track. Doing your customer research via online communities can give you rich and insightful data. With CMNTY you can build an online research platform for project-based or long-term studies in less than a day! Now you can finally gather and present qualitative results quicker than using traditional methods.

Private Social Network

They say that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is certainly true for online social networking sites. CMNTY allows you to co-create with friends and build a social network of people who share an identity or interest. Measure opinions using the Questionnaire module and Poll widgets and discuss the results in the Forum and Chat module. Start today with connecting the people that matter most to you.

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Professional Development Platform

Because of today’s social networking landscape, giving your staff access to knowledge, mentoring and coaching through an online platform comes naturally. By allowing trainers and trainees to connect with each other while learning, you’ll create a professional learning environment that is both fun and effective. Improve efficiency and reduce time spent learning new skills. Reinvent the way you train and track your team!