Private Social Network Platform

Custom-build your private social network. Choose from dozens of tools and powerful extras to create an engaging and dynamic space for community activities no matter what your goals are.

  • Mix any of our modules & widgets to create your own perfect online community platform.

  • Integrate with existing sites or platforms and re-use member data using API’s or Single Sign On.
  • See your ideas come to life by 
co-developing new functionality with us and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Measure community performance and reward participation. Build on your community's success!

Examples of private social networks

CMNTY Platform Kpublic
  • Kpublic Kpublic created the Taking College Teaching Seriously (TCTS) community to explore a revolutionary professional learning experience whose focus is the impact of day-to-day teaching on student understanding and mastery. The community gathers educators together so that they can share and discuss their teaching practices to hone their craft and improve student outcomes. Educators examine practices and procedures that work well and help each other improve where they can in a supportive, collaborative community.
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Features That Support Private Social Networks

  • CMNTY Platform Custom CSS

    Custom CSS and JS Create a pixel perfect look and feel for your community.

  • CMNTY Platform Gamification

    Gamification Leverage our built-in Gamification Engine to incentivize participation.

  • CMNTY Platform Widgets

    Widgets Dozens of configurable widgets allow you to spice up all of your pages.

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