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Connect Customers With Customers And Understand What Excites, Motivates & Concerns Them

Connect Your Customers

Your customers are your most valuable assets. Giving them a community platform that allows them to share experiences and ideas with other customers is a great way to give back. Research shows that connected customers are more confident, more loyal and more likely to recommend you to their peers. And you'll be happy to know it can also reduce your customer service costs.

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Create a Dynamic & Inspiring Online Space

Using CMNTY to build a support forum for your business or organization is just the beginning. The platform comes fully equipped with an extensive survey tool, polls, a blog and over 40 interactive widgets. You can be assured that your community stays a dynamic space where your customers love to return to every single day.

Reward Participation

For a lot of people, being part of a customer engagement community is rewarding in itself. But CMNTY was designed to inspire people to go the extra mile, by enabling them to earn points and badges with their actions. Gamification gets even better because your members can redeem their points for real products or gift cards with the built-in webshop!

  • Fully Branded Experience

    Our community software can be branded to your liking. Add your logo, color scheme, change the tone of voice. Make your customers feel right at home!

  • Integrate With Your Website

    CMNTY can be used as a stand-alone platform, but it can also be seamlessly integrated with your website, your webshop or web application.

  • Single Sign-on Ready

    Already have a customer base with login credentials? Using SAML based Single Sign-on removes the last barrier for your customers to join the community. See all features

RTL community

Mirte van Deursen and Kelly Batist of RTL use CMNTY to build an online community of millennials. It helps them shape TV programs, online formats, campaigns & branded content.

Read more about the RTL community

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