Customer Community Platform

Engage with consumers online to better understand what they want and need. Gather information using a community and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data. Leverage your strategy and create the brand your customers are waiting for.

  • Connect customers to customers and enable them to share experiences and help each other. Reduce support costs.
  • Facilitate constant contact between brand enthusiasts and your customer service department.
  • Generate insights by deep diving the data using powerful qualitative analysis tools.
  • Take action on insights and increase customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Examples of Customer Communities

CMNTY Platform Solarplaza
  • Solarplaza Solarplaza is a pioneering enterprise that, over the course of 10 years and in 25 different countries, has organized over 70 events, focused on connecting professionals and experts in the solar/renewable energy field. They have facilitated knowledge sharing and networking for more than 8,000 professionals worldwide and are using their community platform as a primary digital hub for connecting their community members and strengthening the solar/renewable energy movement.
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Features That Support a
Customer Engagement Community

  • CMNTY Platform Forum

    Forum Start conversations and have targeted discussions around topics you care about.

  • CMNTY Platform Poll

    Polls Integrated polls and questionnaires give you up-to-the-second data.

  • CMNTY Platform Journal

    Journal Have private conversations with customers to gather insights or testimonials.

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