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Increase Customer Satisfaction, Retention And Lifetime Value With An Online Community For Your Customers

Connected Customers, Happy Customers.

Conversations about your brand are already taking place on social media. Why not give your customers a customized branded channel where you can be a part of these conversations?

It's a simple concept. Let people know they matter and that you are listening to them. Soon you’ll notice that connected customers learn to be more confident. And, they will be more loyal and more likely to recommend you to their peers.

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  • Gamification
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Communities Help Brands Stay Relevant

Communities are the easiest way to connect your company to your customers online. It allows you to build deeper relationships. It improves community businesses through proven and effective social tools.

Community management begins with integrating social features into your website. This way you can transform your website into a customer engagement hub. One that people love returning to every day.

Our community software was designed to host forum discussions, surveys and crowdsource ideas within the scope of your website. Make your website the primary source for relevant and trusted information. At every stage in the customer lifecycle, whether it be consumers or businesses.

Become A Community-Driven Organization

Easier Access To Concerns & Ideas

Give your customers and partners a voice through platform communities. Allow members to provide consistent, actionable feedback about your products and services. But also broader market trends. With an online community for your customers, you can create more profitable products based on feedback. Build out new feature requirements and validate product and enterprise strategies with lead users.

Sell & Market Products Through Word-Of-Mouth

By creating a community, you give your customers the selection of tools they need to succeed with your products and services. By providing the discussions, resources and support that they need to be successful your organization will grow brand awareness and sales. All through word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied, passionate people.

Create Brand Advocates

Peer-To-Peer Support Network

An online platform can be a place where customers can find help from other customers. As well as employees and other product experts. Idea sharing and peer-to-peer discussions are the best ingredients for creating loyal brand advocates. This online "ecosystem" can provide the best service your customers could ever imagine.

Reward Participation

Many brand enthusiasts are already intrinsically motivated. But, who doesn't love to get some real-world value in return for their efforts? Allow your support team to proactively listen-in and reward people with points & badges. Create a fun environment that is not only a great place to spend time on. But, also one that gives people access to discounts, deals and first-in-line offerings.

Your Customers Are Your Best Investment

Offering a community platform is a proven strategy used by thousands of brands to increase customer satisfaction levels. Create community value that will last a lifetime.

Stop selling! Make your customers smarter and more confident.

Advantages Of Customer Communities

  • Become More Efficient

    • Provide better customer service at reduced costs.
    • Reduce calls and emails to your support center.
    • Reduce costs of search engine optimization.
  • Become More Insightful

    • Gain insights into customer concerns to empower teams and management.
    • Co-develop innovations around products, services or processes.
    • Improve brand transparency.
  • Provide More Value

    • Build a dynamic knowledge base and create more relevant website content.
    • Increase customer satisfaction, retention rates and lifetime value.
    • Increase buyer confidence and drive sales.
  • Reach A Wider Audience

    • Provide brand ambassadors and promoters their own platform.
    • Create word of mouth marketing and social campaigns.
    • Boost SEO traffic & conversions.
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