Laren Droll

Laren Droll

"I've never felt limited by the platform or had to say 'no' to any request."

Laren Droll is a freelance front-end designer that has implemented customized versions of CMNTY Platform for many different projects over the past years.


Most of the interviews you find on our customer success pages are with project managers and moderators. This one is different as we talk to Laren Droll, responsible for the technical implementation of many online communities for his clients. It highlights why tech-driven people will also feel at home working with CMNTY. "When the my first client ask me for help to design a ready to use community platform, my fear was not being in full control of the design. Too often I have felt limited by some of the out of-the-box kinds of solutions." Laren says.


"As a designer, I really like that CMNTY has a CSS editor that’s built into the platform. Having access to that code in such an easy-to-use way makes everything I do possible. Since I do most of my work using pre-built, proprietary CSS templates, I am often copying and pasting entire CSS outputs to the platform. With CMNTY’s CSS editor, I can double click to select and paste my code. It’s those little details that speed up my workflow that I’ve come to appreciate, and I think it shows throughout the platform.".

Most of my clients find it important to have a very prominent and inviting login/registration page for their members. The CSS customization and the custom design elements helped them achieve this in a way that other platforms would have not been able to accommodate. This is just one example of how CMNTY's flexibility can help even less experience designers get great results.

Laren continues: "I also use custom custom elements for creating banners to jazz up our page and call-to-action buttons to drive engagement. I have all the tools I need to make each page unique if I want, and add in eye candy to bring personality to our community. Same goes for the ability to customize newsletters -- we love being able to brand the communications to unify our messages."


Laren has been happy with the platform and notices his team can tell. "I also know that my team has always been really happy with the designs that I've been able to create. I'm asked to do a lot with the layout and I’ve never felt that the platform has limited me or that I’ve had to say “no” to any request. I think that speaks to the level of flexibility and the ability for customization."

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