Get a Unique Insight Into People’s Lives and Opinions by Turning Your Research Inside Out

Digital Ethnography allows you to connect with your participants while they are in their natural environment and collect more honest responses.

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Prepare and Define

Before launching, plan your goals for the study and review your intended research tasks. Prepare “in-the-moment” tasks like private journals or live video sessions to take full advantage of the solution.

Engage with Participants

Share feedback and establish a relationship with participants for in-depth responses. Engage with participants through scheduled emails, comments with @-mentioning, and private messages to keep participants on-track.

Follow Up and Learn More

Review responses and bookmark content for tailored reporting with sentiment analysis and word clouds. Track task completion and analyze insights to decide when a study ends or if a parallel study is needed.

Analyze and Share

CMNTY’s Pulse dashboard is the center of insights management to assess responses and create reports for relevant stakeholders. Share insights back to observers in real-time and establish a location to present your most important findings.

Ready to Unlock the Power of Online Qualitative?

Enrich your market research with highly interactive and visual qualitative studies that people love to participate in. Schedule a personal walkthrough of CMNTY Platform or get a free trial today.

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