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Simplify Your Research Process

CMNTY Platform seamlessly integrates with Dynata's global panel, the largest in the insights industry. Reduce the time gap between onboarding members and the start of your community. Increase efficiency by gathering data for all your research needs in one solution, and provide data-driven results more quickly.

Get Access to the World

With a reach that encompasses 62 million consumers and business professionals globally and an extensive library of individual profile attributes collected through surveys, Dynata is the cornerstone for fully-permissioned, precise and trustworthy quality data. You can now recruit members from Dynata's panel with the click of a button.

Combine Your Members with Ours

Create a more representative sample by bringing multiple sources together in one community. Using CMNTY's Dynata integration, researchers and marketers build actionable insights more quickly and more economically.

Here Is How It Works

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CMNTY + Dynata Panel Specifics

High Quality Data

High-quality, fully-permissioned first-party data.


2,700 profile attributes, sourced directly from 62M+ opted-in consumers, worldwide.


Broad and comprehensive coverage of B2B and B2C audiences.


Brand-endorsed loyalists affiliated with more than 75 major brands.

Low Incidence

Access to low incidence audiences (i.e. healthcare, voters, esports fans, luxury car owners).

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