Employee Community Platform

Employee communities help you strengthen your team while gaining insights about attitudes and preferences. Our online tools provide activities and incentives to engage your employees, making it easy to stay in the know!

  • Connect team members in a secure online platform. Encourage knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking.
  • Discover new opportunities, new business ideas and reward people for their participation.

  • Generate valuable management insights by deep diving the data using powerful qualitative analysis tools. 

  • Take action on insights to increase employee satisfaction and create a healthier & happier work environment.

Examples of Employee Communities

CMNTY Platform ORC CMNTY Platform Lufthansa
  • ORC international International’s employee community is an internal corporate community, making use of forums, surveys and questionnaires, challenges (crowdsourcing and ideation tools), private journals, and a blog page.

    Employees use the community to keep connected to important company news, to learn about each other and make stronger connections within the company, and also to contribute their own ideas to help the company grow and develop.
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    employees with an internal community.
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  • Lufthansa In this community, a prominent airline company organizes internal workshops and educational sessions for their employees, bringing different departments and layers of the organization together. Their platform serves as an easy, centralized way to share impressions, footage, and other material to community members. The community is particularly effective because it is a user friendly way to engage employees. In particular, the intuitive design was well received cross-generationally, encouraging participation even by older users who might have otherwise felt intimidated by complicated systems.
    Learn how you can engage, connect, and inspire
    employees with an internal community.
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Features That Support Employee Communities

  • CMNTY Platform Journal

    Journal Provide a private space for employees to submit self-evaluations and reflections.

  • CMNTY Platform News

    News Keep everyone up to date on all of the latest company successes.

  • CMNTY Platform Forum

    Forum Get the conversation started and let your employees share their thoughts.

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