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Enterprise Community Platform

The Ultimate Community Platform Designed For Mission Critical And Large Scale Operations.

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Enterprise vs. Premium & DIY

CMNTY is known for making it really easy to launch a basic, all round community platform. Our DIY plans give many out-of-the-box options to get started quickly. For client’s that feel more comfortable with having their community designed and installed by a team of seasoned professionals, we offer a Premium plan. With Enterprise we are taking this a couple of steps further by including services and features that are designed to provide the most solid online community operation possible.

Full Service Platform

Help Defining Your Community Strategy

To start, just as with Premium you will be assigned a dedicated success manager that will help you define business needs and translate this into an actionable plan. For example: What kind of engagement levels are you hoping to achieve? How would you like people to interact and which data are you hoping to gather? Will having a gamification strategy be necessary? Based on the outcome of this analysis we help you determine what’s needed from the software.

Platform Configuration & Design Services

Once your strategy and tactics are clear, our team will begin installing and configuring your platform for you. If necessary we can import customer lists from your CRM or migrate your community from a different system. As an optional service we can completely customize the design of your enterprise community platform based on a brand book or design specifications that you provide. This can be as simple or complex as you want, of course within the boundaries of the platform.

Access To Enterprise Grade Features

Enterprise gives you access to various Premium features like API Access and the ability to completely white-label the platform (meaning “CMNTY” won’t be mentioned anywhere). We also make it possible to connect your community platform to existing authentication services based on SAML. This means that if you are already using an employee portal or a customer service platform, community members can login without registration.

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Future-ready Server Architecture

While with Premium you are limited to 10,000 members and share a server with other clients, Enterprise is built to host 25,000 or more members. Your platform will run on a dedicated private server instance on Amazon’s Web Services and will have various options to determine how and where data is being stored.

For example you can run the platform in the Amazon Cloud region of Eastern USA but store all data on your own premises in Germany. Or you could run the platform in two different continents to make sure your audience always has speedy access. Or we can set it up so you will have a failover system instantly available in the unlikely event one of the servers crashes.

Benefits Of Going Enterprise

  • Included Services

    • Setup and installation of the platform.
    • Regular check-in calls with your dedicated success manager.
    • Phone support.
    • Diamond SLA.
  • Included Features

    • Everything from our Professional Growth plans.
    • Fully White Label (remove "Powered by CMNTY").
    • Private Server Instance (instead of shared tenacy).
    • API Access.
    • SAML-based Single Sign-on.
  • Bandwidth & Storage

    • 50GB file storage and expandable.
    • 25,000 members or more.
  • Optional Services

    • Design mockups and implementation based on your instructions and brand book.
    • On-premise Database Storage.
    • On-premise File Storage.
    • Local Server Region.
    • Remote Database Access.
    • High Availability.
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