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Research MethodsFeatures

Qualitative Research for the Online Generation

Here is a selection of the features of our platform.

Data Collection

Mobile friendly

Focus Module

Host video-based group sessions with multiple video streams, supported by a whiteboard, chat, image and video sharing. Realtime clipping of conversations automatically saved as one video to share immediately with clients.

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Project or continuous

Forum Module

Connect with participants and encourage lively discussions to, for instance, obtain reactions to content, clarify assumptions, or share challenges.

Ultra quick launch

Challenge Module

Get direct inspiration from your participants by enabling the crowdsourcing of ideas. Promote innovation, idea generation and co-creation with participants.

Mobile friendly

Chat Module

By making the first step towards a conversation, you are increasing the likelihood that participants are willing to share. Use this one-to-many chat roll to engage with participants directly.

Custom branding

Journal Module

Tap into a moment’s notice, and have a pool of participants talk privately about their lives. CMNTY Platform enables the creation of a microcosm of participants that give permission to ‘see’ into their lives.


Questionnaire Module

Ask a series of qualitative and quantitative questions to quickly gather information from participants and analyze in real- time. Need an even more sophisticated survey solution? Just integrate your favorite solution with a few clicks.

Moderation and insights dashboard

Recruitment Module

Select your screening criteria such as age, gender and location to reach millions of people who could automatically be invited to your study. Dynata's seamless integrations allows you to select from more than 62 million people globally for easy onboarding and quickly starting the study.

Panel recruitment

Blog Module

Share information such as project results in an engaging and inspiring way with participants during long term projects, add liveliness by allowing participants to comment and sort on categories.

Visual Research

Mix quant and qual activities


Get a visual representation of people’s feelings on a topic is easy with MoodBoard. Participants can select from various multi-frame templates, find in our library or upload their own images, then share their board as a single image.

Video focus groups and IDIs


Ask participants to rate visual stimuli by placing positive and negative markers (fully customizable) with comments. The variation in color visualizes responses and comments make it instantly clear what your respondents' opinions are.

Mood boards

Sentiment Analysis

Automated NLP supported Sentiment Analysis allows for quick  systematically identifying affective states within your group of respondents.

Completion by Engagement

Automated user segmentation

Task List

The Task List is used to assign tasks and content to participants and allows for easy tracking completion rates in the Completion Matrix in real time to enable action ensuring completion is in accordance with the qualifications.

Task completion tracking


Aimed at long term projects, participants automatically collect points and badges for rewards which increases engagement, loyalty and motivation within your study.

Moderation and insights dashboard

Pulse Progress

The ever expanding central insights & moderation hub is your birds-view into the progress of your studies completion and intermediate results.

Data Analysis

Sentiment analysis

Data Export

Export your collected data to commonly used analysis solutions such as SPSS, MS Excel or any other tool.

Research MethodsFeatures
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