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DIY or Do-it-Together, CMNTY Platform Helps You Stay in Control of Your Consumer Research.
Use templates to save time and plug-in your favorite survey tool to create a market research powerhouse. It's all possible with CMNTY Platform.

Adapt to Fast Changing Markets

As an in-house research team you need to quickly provide insights in changing markets, independent of region. Use project templates to enable fast, repetitive research. Collect, export and analyze data to solve problems. Reveal opportunities and share results with colleagues for informed decision making.

Put Your Customers First

Becoming a truly customer-centric organization takes time. But you can start off small with a research project that could ultimately grow into a long term insights community. CMNTY Platform is a proven solution that enables you to continuously engage with your consumers and drives repeat business, increases loyalty and improves business growth.

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Caitlin Meachin - ATB Financial

For us, CMNTY Platform is the perfect sweet spot of customization, great price, and having the features that we knew we needed to succeed in co-creating and achieving our brand advocacy goals.

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Enable Your Entire Research Team

CMNTY Platform is fully customizable to support projects simultaneously. Run by multiple teams in different geographies, the platform supports both customer research projects and confidential internal research projects.

DIY or Do-it-Together

We understand you need to work efficiently which is the reason why we provide research services to complement yours, or use our professional network. CMNTY Platform can be run by yourself, by us or we could do it together; in any way, we share focus and commitment to get it done in time and within budget.

Stay Time and Cost Efficient

Time and budget constraints can become a bottleneck in research, which are the main reasons why we took major methodologies online. Use our platform with flexible pricing to start, manage and budget projects yourself at competitive pricing.

Ready to Unlock the Power of Online Qualitative?

Enrich your market research with highly interactive and visual qualitative studies that people love to participate in. Schedule a personal walkthrough of CMNTY Platform or get a free trial today.

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