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Insights Community Platform

Create Project Based Interactive Spaces To Poll Opinions & Collect Actionable Consumer Insights

Build an Inviting Online Research Space

CMNTY Platform has been designed to help you build a Market Research Online Community (MROC). Whether you are a research agency that is doing an insights project for a brand, or a marketing department that wants to know the opinion of its customers - CMNTY is the online community research tool for you.

Online community research
Polls & Survey tools

Launch Discussions, Surveys, Journals & More...

Our research software comes with many interactive modules like a forum, a blog, a private journal and an extensive questionnaire module. Easily create engaging content and assign it to various segments of panel members. Want to connect community members on the go? You are fully covered with our mobile optimized platform.

Control Who's Invited

Most insights communities are private platforms. When using CMNTY, you can share a unique link with people to allow them to register on their own, or you can upload a list of email addresses and have the platform invite them. But you can also make it a public platform and invite people through social media. Whatever suits your project needs best.

Private platform
Quantitative analysis

Analyze Data and Generate Qualitative & Quantitative Insights

CMNTY allows you the analyze poll & survey results in-real time all within the platform itself. But you can also export both quantiative & qualitative data using the export tool. You can continue to add content while people react and use their responses to get to the bottom of people’s motivations & experiences.

Building a brand engagement community to collect customer insights is now so easy that you can finally focus on conversations instead of technology.

  • Assign Moderators & Observers

    Chances are you will be moderating your community with a team. You can assign several moderators to different people segments. Want to invite your client without them being visible? Make them an Observer.

  • Segment People With Dynamic User Groups

    Marketing research is about understanding the differences in values and opinions of consumers. That’s why CMNTY allows for grouping people into segments and dynamically assign content to them based on profile info.

  • Analyze In-App Or Export Data For External Analysis

    At some point you probably want to get all data out of the platform to build a report or to continue your analysis in Excel or SPSS. Our export tool helps you cherry pick the content you need.
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Jennifer Adams is Senior Vice President Communities at ORC International. Learn how she has been using CMNTY to build hundreds of communities for her clients.

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