Collect Research Data Using an Insights Community

An always-on solution to engage with research participants over a longer time period.

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Use CMNTY Platform to Stay In Constant Contact With Your Research Participants
An insights community provides a form of qualitative research that allows you to stay continuously connected to participants. You can use CMNTY Platform to run pop-up studies as well as ongoing studies.

Prepare and Define

Define your study’s structure and prepare the platform by scheduling the type of questions and engagements you are planning to share with your community. Test the experience internally and launch when ready.

Grow your Community, Gather Rich Responses

Invite participants and use gamification and frequent feedback to encourage in-depth responses. Send reminders, provide guidance and be as flexible and understanding as possible to gain deeper insights.

Follow Up and Dive Deeper

Review responses and export them for deeper analysis outside the platform. Based on initial findings, decide if you want to follow up or launch a new study in parallel to gain even richer insights.

Analyze and Share

Use the Pulse dashboard to bookmark and analyze responses the minute they come in. Create reports to present your most important findings to your stakeholders.

Ready to Unlock the Power of Online Qualitative?

Enrich your market research with highly interactive and visual qualitative studies that people love to participate in. Schedule a personal walkthrough of CMNTY Platform or get a free trial today.

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