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Insights Community Platform

Build Insights Communities And Conduct Online Qualitative Research Studies With CMNTY Platform

Made For Online Qualitative Research

With CMNTY Platform you can build an online research platform for project based or long-term studies, in less than a day. Now you can gather and present qualitative results quicker than using traditional methods. Conduct your research studies with a tool that is simple yet powerful enough to grow with your needs. Develop a thriving insights community!

Complete Research Platform
  • Forum Discussions
  • Survey
  • Idea Contest
  • Poll
  • Personal Diary
Quantitative analysis

Co-developed With Market Researchers

CMNTY Platform was developed in close collaboration with market researchers. That's why it was built to meet the most demanding research requirements. And because it works across all devices, user adaptation and member reach is extremely high. This means it's relatively easy to reach a representative group of participants.

Polls & Survey tools

Easy Workflows

1. Prepare Assignments

Your community platform has a multitude of interactive modules that can be added or customized while your research project evolves. Start diary studies, ideation contests, forum discussions and more to engage participants in daily activities.

2. Recruit & On-board Participants

Invite people using our CSV import tool or invite them one by one directly from the backend of the platform. Guide participants through the necessary steps with to-do lists and in-app messages. Use the built-in questionnaire and poll tools to segment people automatically based on the answers they give.

3. Moderate & Tag Responses

Follow up on responses while they come in and use our tagging tool to categorize content for later retrieval. Build new user segments automatically based on responses and profile data. Keep your community engaged with new content that is targeted to interest, behaviour and attributes.

Various Applications

CMNTY Platform allows your research agency or business to gather rich and insightful data online. You can launch a short pop-up community for different brands and customers, or a continuous insight community for one or more companies.

Suitable For Multiple Studies At Once

You also don't have to setup multiple communities if you have more than one study to run. Within your platform you can focus on either one study type or combine a variety of studies.

Use an insight community for:

  • Ethnographic Research
  • Customer Feedback
  • Brand Research
  • Co-creation
  • Concept Testing
  • Behavioural Studies
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Crowdsourcing & Ideation
  • Service Design Recommendations
  • ...combining any of the above

Research Applications
Quantitative analysis

Report & Reward

Data Analysis & Exporting

Analyze poll and questionnaire results in real time. Use our export tool to segment and slice media-rich transcripts for external processing whenever you need it.


Reward participation with points and achievement badges. Share leader boards with the entire community and allow peer-to-peer feedback. Close the loop by opening the built-in gift shop. This allow participants to redeem points for real world value!

Advantages Of Insights Community Platforms

  • More Reliable Data

    • User responses tend to be more honest and in-depth.
    • Media-rich responses give context to opinions.
    • Instant Q&A allows the researcher to dig deeper and enrich answers.
  • Higher Engagement Rates

    • Gamification adds fun, even to less "sexy" subjects.
    • The social aspect of online communities increases retention.
    • Allows people to respond when it suits them best.
  • Quicker & Actionable Results

    • Create a community in minutes and get qualitative insights the same day.
    • Download reports and transcriptions instantly for intermediate analysis.
  • More Cost Effective

    • Do multi-regional studies without costly recruitment.
    • Save time and money by analyzing results in-app.
    • Reuse projects that work with the click of a button.
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