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Stripe Integration (paid membership)

Offer Paid Membership Plans To Your Community Members Using Stripe Integration

Subscription-Based Communities

You've worked hard to build your community. What started with a simple idea is now a place for hundreds, maybe thousands of people to connect and exchange valuable insights.

By having a payment gateway right inside CMNTY Platform, we make it possible for you to charge your members and get paid for your hard work.

Offer monthly or yearly paid subscriptions and provide different plans including a free plan if desired.

Powered By Stripe

We are integrating CMNTY Platform with Stripe, a popular payment gateway provider. This means no contracts with credit card providers or lengthy configuration processes. Just a couple of clicks and you'll start earning!

Paid Subscriptions Are Coming In 2018
Don't need subscriptions but want to charge a one-off fee?
Learn how to setup Paid Membership using Zapier.
Stripe Integration (paid membership)

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