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Unify Brand Messaging And Increase Engagement By Integrating Your Community With Your Website

As you would probably expect, CMNTY Platform can be seamlessly integrated with your website. A solid integration starts by making sure the look & feel of your community platform matches your website.

1. Matching The Look & Feel
WIX platform vs Unstyled CMNTY Platform WIX platform vs Styled CMNTY Platform
Your website Your community

Using our custom styling options it’s easy to match the branding of your website. You can match fonts and color schemes. You can even apply shading and rounded corners. You can do this yourself when you are on our Advanced plan or higher. Need us to do it? Have a look at our Full Service Community offering.

2. Linking Your Website To Your Community
WIX platform WIX platform add Community menu item WIX platform with Community menu item
Example for hosted websites

Once the design of your community and website match, it’s time to connect the two. The easiest way to do this is by simply adding a menu item to your website and link it to the community. The example above shows how to do this in Wix, but it's just as easy in Wordpress, Squarespace or when custom-coding HTML.

Additional Options

We would like to suggest a couple of things
that take integration even further.

Custom Domain Name By default your community platform can be reached at "".

Using a custom domain name you can change that into "".

A custom domain name is included in our Advanced plan and higher. It's optional in our other plans.

Change in url from to Professional

Single Sign-On (SSO) It is very possible your customers already have an account for your website or web shop. If that's the case then you can enable Single-Sign-On to allow them access to your community with their existing account.

SSO is a great and easy way to reduce sign-up friction and increase participation levels in your community.

Single Sign-On

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