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Online Qualitative Market Research Methods for Forward-Thinking Insights Professionals
Data analysis tools in qualitative research take your projects to a higher level. Below is a selection of the research methods our online qualitative research platform supports. Mix multiple methods or run them in a sequence.
FeaturesResearch Methods
Focus group meeting with multiple attendees as moderator, participant and observer

Online Focus Groups

Use the qualitative analysis tool to conduct your focus groups online with participants and observers. Boost results using our digital moderation tools and automated transcription.

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Individuals holding an (In-depth) interview in Focus

In-depth Interviews (IDIs)

Conduct individual interviews to explore people's perspective on a particular idea or situation.

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Gathering behavioral insights with Digital Ethnography Studies

Digital Ethnography Studies

Gather behavioral insights and communications to identify the potential for product innovation.

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CMNTY Platform featuring tasks and bookmarks

Insights Communities

Private online environment where participants take part in multiple research projects over time.

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Journal tasks and private messaging features in a tasklist

Digital Diary and Journaling

Create diary tasks to guarantee participant feedback on key areas.

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Co-creation and Innovation

Collaborative development of new concepts, solutions, products and services with stakeholders.

Natural settings analysis via Customer journey

In-the-moment Research

Collect information at the moment the consumer experience occurs.

Evaluating negative and positive feedback on a weighing scale

Concept & Creative Testing

Evaluate consumer acceptance of a new product or idea prior to market introduction.

Women sitting at home providing feedback on a user test

In-Home Use Tests (IHUTs)

Get products tested by real people matching target consumer criteria in their own home.

Research, Design and Concepting combined into a product's journey

Product & Concept Development

Incorporates a product's entire journey, including identifying a need, concepting and design.

Website being put through a funnel

User Experience Testing

Determine the best way for a website to interact with its audience.

Analog and Digital Customer Journey research

Customer Journey Research

Identify critical opportunities based on an understanding of a customer's experiences.

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Sidney Holt- RTI International

Working with CMNTY Platform has been efficient as it supports a great range of online qualitative research tools. The platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, even as our projects have grown bigger!

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