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Made with Insights Professionals in Mind

CMNTY's qualitative research software suite was created for market researchers that need a one-stop solution. Build a project, recruit participants, post assignments and run real-time reports. Save time + money and stay in control of the entire process.

Setup, Recruitment and Launch

Project or continuous

Project or Continuous

Get the freedom or running spot research projects and on-going communities with one platform.

Ultra quick launch

Ultra Quick Launch

Create a platform with the click of a button. Launch your project within a day.

Custom branding

Custom Branding

Change the platform's appearance to match your client's brand identity and tone of voice.



Offer site navigation and original content in the language of your target audience.

Panel recruitment

Integrated Panel Recruitment

Auto-recruit from Dynata's data set of 62+ million consumers and business professionals.

Mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

Provide a seamless user experience to participants no matter what device they use.

Data Collection & Interaction

Mix quant and qual activities

Mix Qual and Quant Activities

Combine surveys with forum discussions, video interviews, digital safaris and more.

Video focus groups and IDIs

Video Focus Groups and Video IDIs

Add live one-on-one or group video interaction without the need for installing plug-ins.

Mood boards

Mood Boards

Give people access to a personal, digital mood board powered by a free online stock photo library.

Heat mapping

Heat Maps

Collect feedback on visual stimuli with sophisticated heat map question types and analysis.

Social stimulation

Social Stimulation

Facilitate social interaction and expression with @-mentioning, rich text and emojis.

Notifications and newsletters

Notifications and Newsletters

Keep people in the loop and increase completion rates with notifications and newsletters.

Participant Management

Task completion tracking

Manage and Track Participation

Get the most from your sample by tracking participation rates per task and per platform.

Automated user segmentation

Automated User Segmentation

Group people based on characteristics or their activity in the platform.


Gamification with Points and Badges

Encourage and reward interaction through points and badges. Optionally offer real-world value.

Analysis and Reporting

Moderation and insights dashboard

Moderation & Insights Dashboard

Get a 360 degree view of what's happening. Code and visualize responses and create reports.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Group text responses by expressed sentiment for faster analysis and quicker insights.

Audio transcription

Audio Transcription (Auto + Manual)

Have your video interviews automatically transcribed by our AI or real humans.

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RTI International Research

"For us, CMNTY was this perfect sweet spot of customization, great price, and having the features that we knew we needed to succeed in co-creating and achieving our brand advocacy goals."

Caitlin Meachin, ATB Financial

Find Insights Quicker with the Power of Pulse


The CMNTY Pulse software suite brings a wide range of insight tools to your fingertips. Auto transcribe audio to text, bookmark important sentences, create word clouds and analyze sentiment. The possibilities are endless.

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