Introducing our Partner Programs

CMNTY offers several partner programs to strengthen your business.
Please contact a CMNTY representative to learn more.

Sales partner program

Strengthen your community sales pitch and gain the ability to show off a powerful, user-friendly, and completely customizable community platform as a CMNTY sales partner!

As a sales partner you will:

  • Receive a branded community platform to demo to prospects and clients.
  • Secure sales with access to our professional videos about CMNTY Platform features and functions for inclusion in RFIs and RFPs.
  • Get expert advice and opinions from CMNTY’s sales representatives and consultants to create the best possible offer for your client.

Technology partner program

If you are a technology provider that can offer API based services that enhance online community experiences, or if you are interested in including our tools into your technology, then you can be a technology partner with CMNTY Corporation.

Do you have ideas for extending our software? Are you interested in co-development? Our technology partnership might be for you.

Interested in becoming a partner?
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